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Changing default UOM in derived templates

Question asked by Rose on Sep 30, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2016 by Rose

Hello Everyone


We are trying to set up our application globally. To do this we are trying to use PI System explorer to configure PI Tags for all sites. However when we are doing this we are seeing issues setting UOM as different sites use different UOM. 


Any help on the below would be highly appreciated.

1. Though I was able to add new Unit of Measure, I would like to know if it was advisable to add so.

2. Enabling Allow Extensions on Base template was allowing me to Change display UOM on the derived templates. But the units available on derived templates were specific to the category of the default UOM on base template. Is it possible to have units from all categories on the derived templates?

3. Is it possible to assign a unit to 2 or more categories if required.


Thank you