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I have a process book with deleted objects that appear to be contributing to file size.

Question asked by JasonHill on Sep 30, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2016 by Cédric Canguilhem

I have built a massive processbook and need to know if anyway to remove what appears to be phantom data from background.

  • Consist of 8 screens that are each located at different scroll locations in sheet
    • Each screen
      • identifies 1 part of process
      • consist of a general reference SQC chart for linespeed
      • has 9 SQC charts per page
        • 8 trends charts per page
    • ever sheet has
      • Buttons to go to any sheet
      • button to turn on/off the slideshow effect
      • button to change parameters around (essential hiding/hiding a total of 32 SQC + 32 Trends)
      • Each sheet has a section that brings up when charts are in alarm
        • Each alarm has a button to acknowledge
        • The alarm event and acknowledgement both get recorded to text log

The file is saved at 1.846 Mb I was trying to find my memory "hogs"

  • Removing code saved 150K  - codes required
  • Replacing SQC charts with Trends increased size 300K
  • Moving Trends, SQC charts, objects, text to new document 791 K -
  • With Code    871K


I verified that if I create a SQC chart or trend and then delete the file keeps the additional size after saving.