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    AF Plugin and assembly dependencies


      In AF 1.3, user guide says "...If the plug-in has additional assembly dependencies, the user must install them on the client machines."


      What are the requirements to build and reference our assembly in custom plugins.  Should they be registered in the GAC or simply copied to C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\OSIsoft\AF?


      I have tried different options but my AR Plugin doesn't seem to see it.

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          Never mind.  The AR used wasn't the up-to-date one....  I use XP 64 and my project was compiling in the \program files (x86)\pipc\PIAF\Plugins rather than \program files\pipc\PIAF\Plugins as I always use.


          Works now.

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              It should not matter whether you put the DLL in the application folder or on the GAC, just make sure you have it. On some specific DLLs having them with the app may lead to unexpected behaviour; say, for example, that you have the OSIsoft dll's lying around but have not installed PI SDK on that computer, the results are (as you may have expected) unexpected.


              My advice would be to make a self installer that actually has all the files. Even if this was not the answer to your problem.