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Query related to PI Notification Group not to send repetitive Notification

Question asked by jainc_paresh on Oct 4, 2016
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I have a requirement for a single Unit there will be 12 complex possibility of trip. For each of these possibility of trip notification will be generated with different message. But out of these 12 possibility if anyone is true only one notification should be sent, and if second rule is satisfies second notification should not be send unless things are normalize for first (or for all).


Please suggest how I would achieve this.


I am using PI Notification 2012.


For E.g. I tried to create a group which will have all my 12 complex condition, if any one of it is true system should send 1 notification, post which any other rule is satisfied system should not send any other notification. (Note: In my current case if one condition is true system is sending notification and if following which other condition is also true system is sending other notification which should not happen)




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