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PI Coresight URL building for all the attributes of an element/through AF tables!

Question asked by Navaneethakrishnan Champion on Oct 5, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2016 by pthivierge

Hi All,


I am using PI Coresight 2015. I have done some workout on Coresight Adhoc display URL building (dynamic). My queries are,


1. Are we able to plot all the attributes of an element without mentioning the attributes. for example, "localhost/coresight//#/Displays/AdHoc?DataItems=\\AFServer\AFDB\Path" instead of "localhost/coresight//#/Displays/AdHoc?DataItems=\\AFServer\AFDB\Path|Attribute1;\\AFServer\AFDB\Path|Attribute2" (because of URL characters limitations, unable to achieve the requirement; suppose I have more than 10 attributes to plot)


2. Can we get the list of attributes to be plotted into AdHoc displays by getting those attributes through AF table with some conditions? for example, I have AF table with Asset, AttributePath fields and sample values are below,

Asset                    AttributePath

Compressor1      \\AFServer\AFDB\Path|Attribute1

Compressor1      \\AFServer\AFDB\Path|Attribute2

Compressor2      \\AFServer\AFDB\Path|Attribute1

Compressor2      \\AFServer\AFDB\Path|Attribute2

Compressor2      \\AFServer\AFDB\Path|Attribute3


If I am selecting Compressor1 the URL should automatically populate the Adhoc display with 2 attributes where as for Compressor2 with 3 attributes.


Please let me know, if any possibilities for the above points to achieve the result.


Thanks in advance!



Navaneethakrishnan V