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Help for Custom Data Reference

Question asked by aksnk89 Champion on Oct 5, 2016
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Hello Pi geeks,

I am creating a Custom Data reference for the first time and need your help for getting the Current Element path where custom datareference is applied.

So far I could only Implement Get Inputs method with hardcoded AFattribute as follows.



override AFAttributeList GetInputs(object context)



     AFAttribute attr = AFObject.FindObject(@"\\AFSRVr\EVent Frame Test\Well2|Bit") as AFAttribute;


     AFAttributeList attrList = new AFAttributeList();


     return attrList;



My idea is to get value from a attribute from the same element where Data reference is used but this should be dynamic.

For example : For this attribute where Custom data reference is applied I would set Config String as "|RefAttribute" and based on this I need to fetch value for that attribute .


How can I achieve the above any ideas ?


Thanks & Regards,