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    "Golden trend"


      We are using pressing machines in the cocoa processing and an important feature is the press-charisteristic.

      So maintance asked me to create a "golden trend" for the press-charisteristic for each press, for reference.

      Has anybody an idea how this should be done in coresight 2016?

      The feature should also be element-relative...

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          Cocoa sounds very good to me right now. While I am not sure if "golden trend" mean for you, but in terms of PI Coresight, I can speak about...that


          If you would like to display specifically something about your presses, then you are on the right track. Element relative feature in coresight 2016 works between the same template.

          So if all your press are sharing the same template, then you can switch between presses and see individual performance indicators about that press.

          This performance indicators must be one of your golden trend and it is something every industry differs. I am interested to know more about the cocoa press.

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            Dan Fishman

            OSIsoft plans to release the ability to place a reference event on an event comparison display in the Coresight 2017 release.  That means, for an event comparison display, you will have the ability to persist a reference/golden batch..

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              In the old days of PI-Batch we used the Batchview addin for ProcessBook to compare different batches with each other, it also had the ability to lock a particular "golden" batch. Hoping that this will be part of Coresight.

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