Asle Frantzen

Problems with PI OLEDB Provider in 64 bit WinXP dev environment

Discussion created by Asle Frantzen Champion on Jun 4, 2009



I'm trying to figure out why I get the following message when using the PI OLEDB Provider in a 64 bit Visual Studio project:


"The 'PIOLEDB.1' provider is not registered on the local machine."


I'm using this code (which works fine on my 32 bit dev machine):

OleDbConnection OleDBConPI = 
    new OleDbConnection("Provider=PIOLEDB.1;Data Source=" + piserver);

And the error appears right after the first line has been executed!


The strange thing is that the PI OLEDB Tester app works fine, and if I add the pi server to the Database Explorer in Visual Studio 2008 - I have access. But when trying out some of the .net test apps included in the PIPC\OLEDB\Samples\DOTNET folder, I also get the error message.


I'm using the latest PI OLEDB Provider ( and the latest PI-SDK ( with the WOW64 support!


Any ideas?