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PI Point creation using AF Templates: Problems with double quotes

Question asked by Bmsousa on Oct 7, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2016 by kfong

Hey guys!


I have a problem on creating PI Points within AF using element templates. My template generates the instrumenttag field of each PI Point based on an attribute string value. If this string has a space character, double quotes appear when the related attribute value is substituted. I wouldn't like to have these double quotes inside my instrumenttag. Does anyone know any solution?



My element template has two attributes:

  - Value (associated with a PI Point)

  - InstTag Path (stores the path used in the construction of the instrumenttag)

The AttributeConfigString of the attribute Value is:

\\%Server%\%Element%.%Attribute%;ptclassname=classic;pointtype=Float64;instrumenttag=%@|InstTag Path%%Element%

Then I've created an element (Element01) using this template. Its attributes are the following:


There are undesired "" in the middle of my instrumenttag name (instrumenttag="OPC/My Path/"Element01).

How can I remove them without generating the TAGs and then editing them with PI Builder?


Thanks a lot!