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Performance tag with NoData vs. in AF NoOutput()

Question asked by Maciej on Oct 5, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2016 by dsouzarich

in old tag definition we're using calculated tag with exdesc attribute:

event='TagName', (if 'TagName2' <> 0 then 'TagName' else "No Data")

the result is trend of TagName when TagName2 = 1, and in the time period where TagName2 = 0 there is NoData  written to the TagName.



Now when we want to do the same in AF Analytics we are using formula:


if 'TagName2' <> 0 then 'TagName' else NoOutput()



the problem is - the AF version to not write enything to tag

Is there a way to achive the same result in AF like it was done in PerEq?