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Discussion created by mhalhead Champion on Jun 6, 2009
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We are in the process of developing a process monitoring and reporting solution; actually replacing a custom developed system that runs on Matlab and SQL. The solution will be based on AF as it meets our needs in terms of the modelling environment; we import a great deal of the model from our APC solutions which are based on G2. The one outstanding items is the ability to write Analysis Rules and schedule those.


The AR would run in a couple of different manners. Either a pure time schedule basis; e.g. calculated the tonnaged milled for the previous day. To event based calculations; e.g. calculated the run time for the period between stoppages. I would also like to be able to tie an AR to an element template; e.g. calculate the run hours for all motors.


We have a lot of analysis routine code written in Matlab and I would like to look at including the compiled Matlab within the AR code.


Therefore the first question is does any documentation exist on writing ARs? And are there any examples?


The next question would be regarding linking an AR to an element type? And the scheduling? But I will leave this to a later post.


I realise that AF is still a bit immature when compared to MDB and ACE and therefore there will be some pain. However, I believe that AF's benefits out weigh the current limitations. Furthermore, I don't want to create yet another temporary solution as this means we will have to change it in the future to get the benefits of AF.