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    RtTrend design-issue

    Asle Frantzen

      Hi guys


      I have a question about an RtWebpart - the RtTrend.


      I did ask this question to TechSupport last year, but their answer at that time was "release date has not been scheduled for the version in which this issue will be fixed".




      We have noticed there is a bug (or a feature) in the RtTrend webpart for some time now. If the Sharepoint webpartzone is wider than in "needs" to be, the RtTrend webpart doesn't resize itself, but rather adds gray background color to the right and left side to fill the width of the webpartzone.
      This is something we sure would like to see fixed one day, but in the mean time the background color "trick" is probably good enough.


      My problem is that this background color fill seems to be locked to the default gray color of the webpart background.
      After I have finished my configuration settings in RtTrend Configuration, and have applied the Trend Formatting settings to the trend, the sharepoint page looks like what you see in the second image. You can compare it to the first image to see how it looked before I applied the design changes.


      Anyone know if there are more details on the fixing of this problem, timewise?




      First image:After trend formatting






      Second image:Before trend formatting 

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          Before I get in the details of changing the background/filling colour for web parts (because this is possible for most web parts), I need to say that this does not apply to the RtTrend and the RtXYPlot web parts... Indeed, this "filling" colour is hardcoded in those 2 web parts and cannot be changed; this is now being tracked as an enhancement request in Punchlist Item (PLI) #8683OSI8.


          For other web parts, the web part background/filling colour is a setting you can change in the default stylesheet that gets applied or, if you are using a "Site Theme", in the site theme stylesheet (CSS). Essentially, not in the web part configuration.


          In WSS 3.0 or MOSS 2007, the default stylesheet is located here:
          <Program Files>\Common Files\microsoft shared\Web Server Extensions\12\TEMPLATE\LAYOUTS\1033\STYLES\CORE.CSS


          and the site theme stylesheet is located here:
          <Program Files>\Common Files\microsoft shared\Web Server Extensions\12\TEMPLATE\THEMES\<yourTheme>\theme.css


          For our web parts such as RtGraphic and RtTreeView, change the background-color property of the .userCaption class. For most third-party web parts, the .ms-WPBody class is a good guess but don't hesitate to look at the generated HTML output of the page, to discover available classess.


          Hope this helps!

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              Asle Frantzen

              Ok - so it's just about sitting back and waiting for better times


              Btw - the PLI # just says that it is rejected because it is a duplicate of #13705OSI8 - but that's the one coming up (with 'rejected') no matter which number I search for.

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                  Asle Frantzen @ Amitec

                  so it's just about sitting back and waiting for better times


                  Sort of, yes


                  Asle Frantzen @ Amitec

                  the PLI # just says that it is rejected


                  I'm not sure how you looked it up, but it shows up fine for me - both on the Tech Support site (see here) and in our internal systems. It's actually scheduled to go in the 4.0 release, which should correspond to the "SVG to Silverlight" move.

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                So, you mean to say that it is a bug not to streetch in order to keep aspect ratio the same?


                Perhaps resizing while ignoring aspect ratio is a feature that could be added to the punch list :)



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                    Asle Frantzen

                    Well, I don't agree there.


                    While aspect-ratio could be important to maintain in the RtGraphic webpart, showing pre-made and -designed ProcessBook files - I don't see the need for keeping a certain aspect-ratio for a simple trend showing 'sinusoid'.


                    Right now any new RtTrend gets a fixed height/width of 400 * 600, but this should rather default to 'Adjust height/width to fit zone'. When that happens, we can continue to design cool looking Sharepoint pages and utilize free flowing webpart zones, and make pages look great with different screen resolutions :)