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RtTrend design-issue

Discussion created by Asle Frantzen Champion on Jun 9, 2009
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Hi guys


I have a question about an RtWebpart - the RtTrend.


I did ask this question to TechSupport last year, but their answer at that time was "release date has not been scheduled for the version in which this issue will be fixed".




We have noticed there is a bug (or a feature) in the RtTrend webpart for some time now. If the Sharepoint webpartzone is wider than in "needs" to be, the RtTrend webpart doesn't resize itself, but rather adds gray background color to the right and left side to fill the width of the webpartzone.
This is something we sure would like to see fixed one day, but in the mean time the background color "trick" is probably good enough.


My problem is that this background color fill seems to be locked to the default gray color of the webpart background.
After I have finished my configuration settings in RtTrend Configuration, and have applied the Trend Formatting settings to the trend, the sharepoint page looks like what you see in the second image. You can compare it to the first image to see how it looked before I applied the design changes.


Anyone know if there are more details on the fixing of this problem, timewise?




First image:After trend formatting






Second image:Before trend formatting