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Weird issue with data insert replacing old data

Question asked by chantry on Oct 11, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2016 by chantry

Essentially, when inserting into the picomp2 table, I am currently experiencing an issue where the inserted datapoint replaces the previously most recent point.

For example, say I have a tag called tag-x and a data point with the values (tag, time, value) => ('tag-x', '2016-10-11 14:13:24', -75.0), and I run the query

insert into picomp2 (tag, time, value) values ('tag-x', '2016-10-11 14:13:44', -75.0),

the point at '2016-10-11 14:13:24' is replaced with the newly inserted point at '2016-10-11 14:13:44'.


I have verified that this occurs whether or not the value matches the one in the previous point. This is especially strange, because this behaviour seems to have started to occur out of nowhere. I had no trouble inserting points in this manner in the past.

Any ideas why this may be occurring?