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Motor running time in VBA

Question asked by maguirej on Oct 13, 2016
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Hi guys,


I'm in automation and I'm completely new to PI and a it's been a while since I've coded so bear with me please!


I want to calculate what period of time a PI tag is in a certain state between a start and end time.

In Processbook I was able to achieve this using TimeEQ('MyTag', '11-Oct-16', '*',"PAUSED")/3600 which returned the time in hours since 11-Oct that myTag was in the "PAUSED" state.


I want to use this calculation in a VBA script in Excel where the result(s) is presented in a barchart. I also want to have a form so the start and endtime can be entered.


Can anyone give me a pointer in how best to do this?

What PI calculation commands are available to me in Excel VBA? I have datalink add-on activated in PI and the PIDLdialogs referenced in VB.


Thanks in advance.