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How to replace bulk expression datasets using PI ProcessBook Support Tool?

Question asked by Budana on Oct 14, 2016
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Dear forum,


Let's say that I have many dataset tags (PE calculations) in one PB file that I want to replace

If DaySec('*') < 18000 THEN (TagVal('MM21_WQI2125_PV','*')+TagMax('MM21_WQI2125_PV','y+16.8h','y+17.2h')) ELSE (If DaySec('*') > 61200 THEN (TagVal('MM21_WQI2125_PV','*')+TagMax('MM21_WQI2125_PV','t+16.8h','t+17.2h')) ELSE TagVal('MM21_WQI2125_PV','*'))


I have a repetition of those datasets with different tags (ie. the MM21_WQI2125_PV).  What I am going to replace is to replace 16.8h to 16.7h and 17.2h to 17.3h in all of the datasets expression in that particular PB file .


How do we do this using PB Support Tool?  Or if not possible, how do we do it otherwise?


Thanks for the help/instructions.