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Processbook 2015r2 Update issue

Question asked by wpurrer on Oct 14, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2016 by dhollebeek

Hello Together


We had updated to Processbook 2015 R2 and run in multiple update issues => does anyone have the same


VBA - Macros:

-  Librarys not found anymore or different libraries needed


We solved this already .. but it is a nightmare if this happens after an update...


Processbook .net Addin

We have a custom Processbook Addin

- after update  when we now close the Processbook it crashes (Windows Error Reporting)
we have Processbook installed on a terminal server  - on some terminalserver it crashed on regular bases with some not...


in the past it happend when the Events/Callbacks where not freed... (but this should be clean from our perspective)