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Query on Performance Equation in case of PI server outage

Question asked by jainc_paresh on Oct 17, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2016 by jainc_paresh

Hello Folks,


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I have one general and very impt query on Performance Equation. We are running PI Collective, if suppose

1. any one of the server is down

2. Assume both the server is down

3. and many other network failure senario or any periodic reboot of the servers


In all of my above cases my interface system will be running and buffering the data. Once the server is up and working it will flush the buffered data.


For me we have more that 2500 Performance Equation. Assuming the server was down for 30 mins (or more or less), will the OSISOFT PI Server will all run all the performance equation for this lost data along with buffered data and archive the value for that time? If not do I have any other alternative.


Note: In any case I dont want to loss the data for these performance equation as well. Please suggest the option if any.


Thanks & Regards,

Paresh Jain