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Is there a way to change Point type for old archived values from Float32 to Digital?

Question asked by Knut_Olav_Urdal on Oct 17, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2016 by tmcmanus


Initially all tags in our PI DA were created as Point type Float32, including the tags that are digital values from the source.

The 22th of August this year all these digital tags was converted from Float32 to Digital. This conversion seem to only affect new values - not the archived values from before.



PI AF Analysis that uses these old “Digital” values from before August 22. does not seem to work.
An example is hour counter calculated from running feedback signal (expressions showed below).
Backfilling these analysis in PI AF earlier than from August 22 fails.


Analysis Templates used in PI AF Analyses:

  1. Name: DailyHrs
    Expression: TimeEq('Running/PRIM','y','t',1)/3600
  2. Name: LifeHrs
    Expression: If BadVal('Lifetime RunHours') And EventCount('Lifetime RunHours','*','*-50d')<=1 Then 0 Else If BadVal('Lifetime RunHours') Then NoOutput() Else 'Lifetime RunHours'+DailyHrs


If the answer to my question in the title is no: Is there an other way to make the hour counter work when 'Running/PRIM' consists of both Digital values and Float32 values?