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Problems with Visual Studio 2015 and PI AF SDK

Question asked by gavin.strack Champion on Oct 21, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2016 by gavin.strack

Hi PI^2,


I thought I'd take a look at the "Developing applications using the PI AF SDK" online course so I downloaded and installed Visual Studio 2015 Community edition. I'm a complete noob when it comes to .NET so apologies in advance...


I went to the online course and started following the video walk throughs. As soon as they started talking about VS I noticed my version and the version in the video were very different. There was the normal "my menus look totally different to your menus" type of problems but I managed to navigate my way around those.  The first main problem was being unable to create a Windows Form Application. This option just isn't there. After a search of StackOverflow I managed to find a work around here: visual studio - Can't find Windows Forms Application for C++ - Stack Overflow


However, whenever I open the project, I keep encountering this error.

Another search of Google suggested that this is a bug with VS and by closing and reopening the "form.h" file gets rid of this error. It keeps coming back though whenever I close and open the project. Annoying, but no big deal.


I was then able to import the various References into my Toolbox menu as per the video.

However, when I try and drag these into my form window, I get the following error. This error is thrown for all 3 PI References.

I haven't been able to Google a solution for this. I have no code to debug. I've only set up a vanilla Project as per the StackOverflow workaround and the PI AF course video.


I tried dragging some of the native References from the toolbox and they seem to work ok.


Not sure why the PI stuff doesn't work.


My machine is running Win7 64-bit with the latest PI AF SDK and PI SE 2016 SP2.


Anyone encountered this issue? Anyone got any ideas on what I can do to fix this?


Thanks in advance,