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PI - Timer Tag:  First does it exist and if so is there a basic example you would have?

Question asked by csisk on Oct 21, 2016
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I can create basic tags for the smelter that I work at but today our chief engineer came to me to ask if the following calculation can be done and I told him I would check.   I would love to find an answer for him so that I get some brownie points.


I don't have any of the specific details yet but the question he gave to me is as follows.


- On the plant we have a device that reports into PI.  This device goes through a charging process and when it starts charging it has a PI value of 20 - then when charging completes the device starts its usage cycle again and has a value of 30 and then returns for charging again later and the value goes back to 20.


He wants to know if there is a tag that I can create that would be like a timer and show the time between cycles.   So start the timer when the value is at 20 and then time it until the next time it comes back again for another charging cycle at 20.   so it would start timing at 20 - go through the 30 cycle and the timer would stop when it starts the second charging cycle.   This way they will know how much time has passed between charging cycles and can look if there are any operator delays in this process.


Any help would be great.    Sorry I don't have more information.