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Processbook Custom ToolTip help

Question asked by AntonAltin on Oct 24, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2016 by AntonAltin

Hello, im working on adding custom tooltip to some more objects in our Processbook and  it to works for values, bars, composites etc. But the problem I have is with showing it on the trends.


As it looks right now I can see tooltip from one tag when I hoover on the whole trend, I would like it so that it shows a tooltip for each trace in the trend, like it is on the standard tooltip.

This is the function(VBA) we are using(pasting the first part of it):


Public Function getTagInfo(valSymb As Symbol) As String

If (valSymb.Type <> pbSymbolValue And valSymb.Type <> pbSymbolComposite And valSymb.Type <> pbSymbolBar And valSymb.Type <> pbSymbolEllipse And valSymb.Type <> pbSymbolTrend) Then

Return ""

End If


PBSymbolTrend is the one that shows the whole trend , anyone got any tips on what object to use to make sure it shows tooltip for each trace instead of only one, if there is any?