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Set up a moving average in Pi Datalink in excel that auto-updates

Question asked by ldryden on Oct 25, 2016
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I am trying to set up a moving average of plant conditions in excel using pi that auto updates from the current time.


I have two columns in my table, a 'live value' where i have used the 'current value' tool in pi datalink. When auto updates is turned on this works fine updating every 5 seconds to the latest value from pi.  The other column is titled 'last 4 hours' where i would like a moving average of the last 4 hours of the plant conditions. In this field i have entered a 'calculated data' with start time of '*-4h' and the end time of '*' and selecting calculation mode as 'average'. However with the update button pressed the average value does not auto update and remains at the same average value when the field is initially completed.


Is it possible to make this value auto update?