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    Introduce Yourself - Configuring a Simple PI System October 24th 2016


      Hi!  I'm your instructor for this three week online learning experience from OSIsoft : Configuring a Simple PI System Online Course.  I'm Joseph Nivert - a Field Service Engineer based in Cleveland Ohio.   I'm a former customer who worked for a large public utility.  Primary responsibilities include PI and CEMS Administration from 2007 to 2012.  Experienced classroom teacher; large portion consisting of customer onsite Visualizing PI System Data classes.  Ask questions / comments at any time!




      Joe Nivert



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          Hi Joe,


          I am Narendra Rathod, Sr. Team Leader at Value Chain Solutions(india) Pvt ltd, a supply chain and management consulting company in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

          My background is as a Microsoft developer--C#, SQL Server, SQL Reporting Services, etc.  I have worked in the System development,System Integration field for 10+ years. I have a experience with a number of other industrial software technologies like RS-232,Weigh Bridge integration,LED System integration,boom barrier integration,SAP integration with customized application etc. but I'm relatively new to the PI System.

          We recently started work with PI System by implementing all components on on-premise server for POC purpose for now. Later we'll have planned to migrate same setup on production server for real-time data. I'm looking to expand my skills to be able to assist with Implementation and configuration of PI System.

          Look forward for learning in this direction. Thank you,

          Narendra Rathod

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            I am Jesús M. Zamarreño, senior lecturer at the University of Valladolid, in Spain.

            Just recently (this summer), a new PI Server was installed in our lab so we can use it for teaching and research. I am responsible for building an appropriate configuration taking data from OPC data sources like simulators and scaled lab plants. I have experience in OPC technology through some industrial projects I have been involved at. I also teach SQL in a master degree and have good understanding of computer systems and system integration.

            I am looking forward to learn good practices in configuring the PI server so my colleagues at the department can use the clients for exploiting the collected data.

            Jesús M. Zamarreño

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              Hi Joseph.


              I am Francisco Fueyo, Electronics Engineer at MDE Network SA Argentina. We are now starting to develope solutions in terms of improving efficiency in the industries in South America using the PI System. We are OSISoft integrators in the region, so I'm looking foward to learn how to configure and set up the system. The idea is to have an approach to the system and learn it's set up and configuration in order to create some demonstrations to show to our clients and to offer the software.