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    New Notifications Videos Now on YouTube!

    Camille Metzinger

      Check out our new playlist on notifications recently released on the OSIsoft Learning - YouTube Channel:         

      Notifications with PI AF (Asset Framework) 2016 R2 




      Interested in sending email alerts based on your PI System data?

           OSIsoft: What are Notifications?


      Ready to setup new notification rules to achieve this?

           OSIsoft: Create New Notifications Rules Off Existing Event Frames or Generation Analyses


      Want to customize your notifications message content and format?

           OSIsoft: How to Customize Notifications Message Content & Format


      Need to send the notifications to new contacts, groups, or ordered contact lists?

            OSIsoft: Setup Contacts, Delivery Endpoints, Groups, & Escalation Teams for Notifications


      Have previous configurations setup with an older version (legacy PI Notifications) and want to see how to migrate?

           OSIsoft: How to Migrate From PI Notifications 2012 to Notification Rules with AF Server 2016 R2


      This playlist is for the latest version of notification (released with PI Server 2016 R2).