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    Security Level and Monitoring


      Dear community

      I am working on a monitoring tool for our Pi Servers.

      For that we have made some scripts to check some important topics as : the bad points ratio, sleeping points, memory consumption etc etc.

      I want to add a supervision of the security level set on ours servers :




      Do you know if there is a way to do the job programmaticaly ? (by a script )


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          Hi Bertrand,


          Which language are you attempting to script this in?


          The security slider is a visual representation of the Server_AuthenticationPolicy tuning parameter (PI SMT > Operations > Tuning Parameters > Security). That value (which we do NOT recommend changing explicitly but by using the security slider) is an integer that can be interpreted with the bitmask listed in the desciption.


          Your script would simply need to obtain this value, which should be doable from piconfig using a bat file, or from Powershell using the Get-PITuningParameter cmdlet. I would say that Powershell is the cleanest. And incase you're unfamiliar with Powershell, here's a script that I used to output this tuning parameter value of all of my PI Servers:


          $servers = @('BojackHorseman','MrPeanutButter')
          $servers | % { 
              $conn = Connect-PIDataArchive -PIDataArchiveMachineName $_
              $tunparm = Get-PITuningParameter -Connection $conn -Name Server_authenticationPolicy 
              Write-Host $conn.Configuration ": " $tunparm.value 


          and this is the output:

          Name BoJackHorseman :  3
          Name mrpeanutbutter :  3


          You could obviously then get as many servers as you want simply by populating the array in the first line.


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