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How does AF attributes subscription work?

Question asked by brunocoswosk on Nov 1, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2018 by neilg

I signed one AF attribute (A) to my application, and this attribute is pointed to a PI tag (B). When i change the PI tag (B) of the AF attribute for a PI tag (C), my application doesn't get the values of the new tag on the update events, the application continue to get the value of the old tag.


1 - When I sign an AF attribute and it changes, the signed object remains the same? In other words, the datapipe/eventpipe is not capable of detecting this change?

2 - It seems that if I sign an AF attribute that is pointing to a PI tag, it signs a full "path" to the value of the PI tag. I wanna know if is it true?

3 - Also, I want to know, even if I refresh the AF database this "path" will change to the new one.


Please aks me if you need more informations.


I hope you can help me.