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    Signup Dropped




      Recently my PI-AF instance is throwing error messages every single second. The message visible in the windows eventviewer is stated below


      ANDataCache.TrackConnectionState[]: ANDataCache:ANPeriodicTimeClassManager: Error retrieving events and updating data cache. PIServer: <PIserverName> Error: SignupDropped


      Did anyone encountered this issue before? Any suggestions on what the Signup Dropped is referring to or how to solve it?


      Thanks in advance


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          Hello Ann,


          This could be a known issue with PI Analysis Service. You may want to reach out to Technical Support for detailed troubleshooting.


          SignupDropped refers to Signup for Updates with PI Update Manager which is one of the subsystem belonging to the PI Data Archive. I don't know the exact details but expect that PI Analysis Service signs up at least for Snapshot updates of those PI Points defined as triggers with Asset Analytics.


          Can you please verify with Programs and Features for the version information showing with PI Analysis Service and on the PI Data Archive node, what version of PI Data Archive you have installed?

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            I noticed the same error in logs. Would contact helpdesk or upgrade the AF client.