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Powershell where clause data format and export

Question asked by wpurrer on Nov 4, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2016 by pthivierge

Hello everyone 2 Poweshell questions


1.) how can i filter  for PI Points with a changedata

= Connect-PIDataArchive -PIDataArchiveMachineName $servername

# $tag = Get-PIPoint -Name sin* -Attributes tag,recno,pointid,pointsource,ptsecurity,datasecurity -Connection $conn#

# $tag = Get-PIPoint -Name sin* -AllAttributes  -Connection $conn

$tag = Get-PIPoint -Where 'changedate:>1.11.2016' -AllAttributes  -Connection $conn

this doesn't work (the format of the date is the local format) => i get points back where the change date is older)

PS C:\Users\lagpuwadm> $tag[1].Attributes


Key                                                                                             Value                                                                                        


---                                                                                             -----                                                                                        


descriptor                                                                                     yyyyyy



typicalvalue                                                                                    50                                                                                           




zero                                                                                            0                                                                                            


span                                                                                            100                                                                                          


pointtype                                                                                       String                                                                                       


pointsource                                                                                     PINotifications-InternalUse                                                                  


scan                                                                                            1                                                                                            


excmin                                                                                          0                                                                                            


excmax                                                                                          0                                                                                            


excdev                                                                                          0                                                                                            


shutdown                                                                                        0                                                                                            


archiving                                                                                       1                                                                                            


compressing                                                                                     0                                                                                            


step                                                                                            1                                                                                            


compmin                                                                                         0                                                                                            


compmax                                                                                         28800                                                                                        


compdev                                                                                         0                                                                                            


creationdate                                                                                    17.03.2016 13:22:50                                                                          


creator                                                                                         piadmin                                                                                      


changedate                                                                                      17.03.2016 13:22:50                                                                          


changer                                                                                         piadmin                                                                                      


displaydigits                                                                                   -5                                




2.) how can i export in a format (which can be later used for reimport through the PI Builder)

(i want to get regular exports of the configuration so in the case of an issue it can be easier tracked what has changed ... PI Audit is a nightmare)