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    PI Data Services


      At the OSIsoft UC2009 in SFO Ray Verhoeff and Steve Mohr described the development of the PI Data Services component. I wonder if anyone knows how this product is progressing, do we have any firmer indication of when it will be released, is there a beta opportunity or some documentation ahead of the release? Will it be a licensed product or will it be embedded in the PI Server?


      The reason for asking is that I am starting a similar project for a client and would like to use supported off-the-shelf products from OSIsoft.

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          the next of the Builders' Café Webinar Series PI System via Web Services will provide more information on the PI Web Services.



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            Sam Pride

            Hi Paul,




            As Andreas has mentioned, the next webinar will be on this topic. If you cna wait until then, you should be able to get a lot more information and even talk with the developers if you have any questions.


            If you can't wait, check out the UC2009 discoveries webinar, where Ray discussed the outline of the Data Services. Whilst not a concrete definition of the new product, it will give you a good understanding of where it is going and allow you to steer your design down a "probable" path. It may mean that, when PI Data Services is released, you will only need to change the method signature instead of logic etc.