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Question asked by rofontai on Nov 7, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2016 by ssauder


I am working on a .net application;


PiwebApi is running on a windows Server. Users are connected to a windows domain, which is used to connect/authenticate to the API.

I would like to use piwebapi but when I try to use it with a client post. i have few problems.

I managedto call it with the url "http://ServerName/piwebapi and to get the list of assetServers But when I want to select one assetserver, i get the following error :

" cannot connect to server "serverName". It may be that the impersonate client user account cannot be delegated to the remote PI AF server"


To unlock this situation, i have to do that :

1) enter manually the url on the server;

2) i receive the list of asset server

3) i can getthe list with an client poste (during few minutes...)

4) after few minutes i obtain the same message



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