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Coresight Extensibility-HighCharts Stacked Area

Question asked by RyanKJ on Nov 10, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2018 by rschmitz

I want to begin to work more with custom symbols in Coresight. I've gone through the the tutorial for a time series chart using HighCharts and I was able to implement :PI-Coresight-Custom-Symbols/tutorials/timeserieschart at master · osisoft/PI-Coresight-Custom-Symbols · GitHub .


As I was looking on HighCharts website it would be awesome to implement a stacked area chart:

When you guys implement these different custom chart symbols, what changes in the implementation file do you make?


Is there a major difference between the implementation of the these different highcharts charts? Or is there just a couple of lines of code to tweak?


Thanks in advance,