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TCPResponse Interface -> Web Page Loading Time : Is the "third-party library function call" that is used to measure the loading time thread safe?

Question asked by olkip on Nov 10, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2016 by olkip

We are using the TCPResponse interface to check if webservers are responding by setting Location2=11 and "DEVICE=<URL>; PROT=HTTP" in the different webservers Instrument tags.


If a webserver doesn't respond the interface returns a "I/O Timeout" for the affected server and other responsive webservers which are scanned within up to 35 secs after scanning of the non responsive webserver. A workaround can be to use a scan class for each webserver  and scan webservers with a interval >35 sec interval. (Tested with a 1 min scan interval.)


An explanation can be that the "third-party library function call" mentioned on page 10 in the "Web Page Loading Time" section is not thread safe and waiting for a timeout before it can resume normal operation.


Is this a know error?