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Connect to PI Server using PI AF SDK

Question asked by emladeira on Nov 11, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2016 by rdavin

Hello Friends:


We've developed an application using in VB 6  that connects to a PI Server, scans tags according to an argument (for example, Tag = sin *) and do some things.
Now, we're just starting to develop with Visual Studio 2013 (VB.NET), but I'm having headaches on the following points:

1 - In PI AF SDK examples and in PI Square, it seems simple to do:


Dim myPIServer As PIServer = New PIServers().DefaultPIServer



  myPIServer.Connect(True, Nothing


The PIServer class is not visible to me, only the PISystem class.


2 - in VB6 I used the structure:


Set Lista = g_PIServer.GetPoints(Argumento)

    If Lista.Count <> 0 Then


For Each Ponto In Lista





How do I this in .NET?


Look, I'm begginer in Visual Basic .NET


Best regards,


Eduardo Ladeira