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AF Analytics Security

Question asked by jdjohnstn on Nov 11, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2016 by jdjohnstn

We have a situation with AF Analytics security - there are various legal agrements involved.

We would like to be able to install multiple AF Analytics servers looking at ONE AF server, and filter which areas of the AF server are handled by which AF Analytics server - such that AF "AFServer1" database "AF1" hosts analytics definitions for "PIServer1", and "AFServer1" database "AF2" hosts analytics definitions for "PIServer2".  So far, it looks like an Analytics server processes all analytics on an entire AF Server, and must have read and write access to all analytics inputs.  There are concerns that this would allow people to view data from an othewise unauthorised data source.


So, is there a way to section off the data so that we can have different authorizations to different analytics processors while sharing the same server?  Otherwise, we have expenses associated with multiple servers and databases.