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Substitution in Event Frames

Question asked by DanielFynes on Nov 15, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2016 by ssauder

I have a number of process capability index (CPK) attributes in my asset templates. These attributes are typically temperature, pressure, level etc. Each attribute (example name: Pressure CPK) has a number of child attributes which are used in calculating the CPK value (process value tag, mean analysis, standard dev analysis, limits). I have two event frame generation analyses per CPK attribute (CL=control limits, PV=process value). I'm hoping these analyses can use the same event frame template but I am battling with substitution parameters. I pass the type of attribute (temperature, level..) to the event frame by naming the start trigger according to the attribute (temperature, level) and saving it to the event frame as "Process Parameter". I was then hoping to use this "Process Parameter" attribute to reference the attributes of the element generating the event frame. So as an example, I have a Cooler element with an "Outlet Pressure CPK" attribute which generates the event frame and saves its start trigger into the event frame attribute "Process Parameter" as "Outlet Pressure CPK". I would then like to reference the element's attributes (eg Outlet Pressure CPK|Process Value) using the event frame's "Process Parameter" attribute and substitution parameters. Is this possible? I have included some screenshots for reference. Thanks in advance! . CPK.pngCPK2.png