Connecting to a HA Collective using C#

Discussion created by formerpigeek on Jul 7, 2009
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I read Sam Pride's blog on Manual Entry to HA collectives and was particularly interested in the connection process.  But it seems there are a few differences between VB.Net and C#.Net on this.  Mostly in getting the CollectiveMember from the CollectiveList ...




CollectiveMember colMember = colList...  What comes next?




I've tried colList[srv.Name], similar to the VB version, doesn't work.


I've tried colList.get_Item(ref srv.Name) and colList.get_Item(ref srv), neither works.


Don't know what to try next.




The other question I have is about using the Connections object to simplify user logins in lieu of developing my own form to get the user's name/password.  Unfortunately I don't currently have a collective to work with, but "Set srv = Cxn.Login(colMember, defUser) works fine in VBA but not in C#.  And I don't know the impact of using the Connections object.  Does it log you into the collective? or just the server you are connecting to?




'ppreciate the help :-)


Maineac (Dave Fairchid)