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Calculation at the end of an event

Question asked by HansBleijendaal on Nov 15, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2016 by kfong

I want to perform an calculation at the end of an event-frame.

the moment the event frame has the end-trigger I want to calculate the total ammount of product produced (ProduktRunHH)

I can calculate that by multiplying as follows:

A= GemiddeldeCapaciteit (Pi-point, Average capacity over the period)

B= Duration (PI-point, duration of the event)

C= ProduktRunHH (PI-point, where the result of the calculation must be stored)

Hoeveelheid: Contains the formula: C=A*B

I did a calculation C=A*B as a formula in the event but it does not update the pi-point ProduktRunHH.

What is wrong....

Is this the correct approach?