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    Google Chrome OS

      Are OSI going to jump onto this to ensure PI web based products will work on Google Chrome OS in the long run?



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          my personal opinon - probably not. This sounds just like another Linux flavour. If there is a reasonable demand from our customer base, it might be interesting. But to be honest I do not expect a Google OS making a big impact in the area where OSIsoft is operating. And I am happy that I do not have to take that decision anyway.


          I have seen OSIsoft developing on VAX/Alpha VMS, moving to other platforms with Unix & Windows NT - and our customers deciding that the platform they use most is Microsoft Windows. We are going to follow our customers - if they would decide that the Googls Chrome OS is the way to go - fine - I just have a hard time to believe that this will happen.


          If you think of a web client running a different OS than Microsoft Windows or a different browser than IE - that might be a different story.