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    Multiple Data References per AFAttribute

      I remember reading or hearing there are plans for multiple DR for an AFAttribute.  Can we hear any more on this?

      Interested in how you see it working...having a primary DR, then secondary DRs use the output? e.g. PI Formula DR performs a calculation on elements, the output becomes the AFValue.  If a secondary DR exists the AFValue is used, (let's say a PI Point DR exists as a secondary DR) then the result of the Formula DR can be sent back to a PI tag.

      On occasions we have needed to write custom AFSDK code to get non PI Point DR values into PI tags (for various reasons).

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          I'm not sure we ever talked about assigning multiple DRs to a single attribute but we did (and still do) talk about assigning both a DR and an AR to a single attribute. Part of this goal is to separate data access (DRs) and calculations (ARs) so calculation results can be exported to PI or other databases. In this line of thought, all the current 'calculation DRs' should be converted to ARs. We are currently in the process of refining the design for the next version of AF (2.2) so we'll have more details in the months to come.

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              So Formula DR will become Formula AR?  Then an AFAttribute can have a PI Point DR as well as the AR to output the result of the Formula to a PI tag?


              Will you be able to use an AR without scheduling it within a Model?

              Appreciate design is not yet finalised, I just like to be prepared
              (By the way, sign me up for any beta releases of AF 2.2)