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Creating pi point for Attribute through PI System Explorer not working - but reporting success.

Question asked by JosephHanvy on Nov 16, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2016 by JosephHanvy

I can create a PI point with the System Management Tools point builder no problem. I can also select and connect to this in PI System Explorer.


However, for some reason PI System Explorer is failing to create pi points. I select a data reference "PI Point", type in a tag name that doesn't exist ("Test" in this example) so get the value: "\\Server\Test"


I see the "PI point not found "\\Server\Test" as expected. So I right click on the attribute, select "Create or update PI Point".


The log window reports:


Succeeded: creation or update of Attribute 'Sea_State_Log'.

Configuration creation or update of 1 attributes completed.


However, the tag has not been created and it continues to report  "PI point not found "\\Server\Test", and there's no tag by that name created.


Anyone know why this is happening?