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    Weird Vista PB3.1.1.0 BatchGroup Search issue


      I'm having trouble with BatchGroup searches in ProcessBook and would like to know if I need to get PI developers to check this one out.  The attached screen shot gives a basic understanding of display layout.


      The OS is Vista (required) and using PB3.1.1.0 and BatchView 3.1.3


      I am programmatically loading the module context window on Display_Open and changing the Batch Search Criteria based on the module selection using Display_DataUpdate.  This all works fine for my display when I open the display on its own in ProcessBook.


      However the problem arises when I load the display in a new window from a button on a main menu screen in ProcessBook.  The Batch search criteria refuses to update.  This only happens when another display is open before the BatchGroup Display is opened.


      I have attempted different types of displays opening first and every time if my BatchGroup display is opened after another display in same processbook then the Batch Search Criteria fails to update.


      The code I am using to Update the Batch Search Criteria is below... Note - The display works fine if it is the first loaded display in ProcessBook.


      Also the code below is all executed as expected when the display is loaded from main menu it just fails to apply the changes in the SetSearchCriteria method

      Set mysearchcriteria = BatchGroup1.SearchCriteria
      If SearchType1 Then
          mysearchcriteria.BatchItemCriteria(pibvUnitBatch).AttributeMasksStrByType(pibvUAttrBatchID) = PlatName & "-" & WellName
          mysearchcriteria.BatchItemCriteria(pibvUnitBatch).AttributeMasksStrByType(pibvUAttrBatchID) = PlatName & "*"
      End If

      mysearchcriteria.TimeFrom = cboTimeBox.Value
      BatchGroup1.SetSearchCriteria mysearchcriteria, True

      Has anyone come across something like this?


      Best Regards



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          Fraser, not related to batch but I have noticed (and logged with OSI tech support) that the move from ProcessBook v2.x to v3.x introduced some anomalies in to the ProcessBook object model.


          For example, rather than using the built in ProcessBook buttons for navigation I have used the SelectionChange event and based on some logic some displays are opened.  In v2.x the newly opened display would get the focus but in v3.x the focus switches back to the original display - very annoying!  Turns out I had to move logic to the click event, which meant the focus was retained on the newly opened display.
          I then found out that when I opened a display from within another display, the display Activate event was not always triggering correctly (where I had some logic for display manipulation)...if I opened the display directly in ProcessBook the Activate event is fires fine.  Never got this resolved, just put in some workarounds.


          I would suggest you log it with Tech Support...if only we got to look at the ProcessBook source code

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            Fraser: did you get any luck sorting this one out?