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How do I make a change to a point configuration for a point I am receiving through Pi Cloud connect?

Question asked by gillespie13 on Nov 17, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2016 by pgonzalez


I went into my data node and manually changed a few configuration settings for the points on that side.  The pi server over there seemed to accept those changes. However, it didn't get updated over Pi cloud connect.  When I tried to manually make the changes on the main pi server side it rejects me and says that I cannot make any changes.  I tried to go into AF on the subscription side and update data references, but that didn't do it either.  Any idea how to get those configurations working right? (note i have already started and stopped the publication and the subscription.  Also I am wary of deleting the AF element on this side since I was told when I originally set it up that PICC cannot connect to existing point but has to be allowed to build its own points.  I imagine if I delete the AF element and recreate the subscription it will give me problems because the points will already exist.)