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Fastest Search Method for finding Element by Name & Template

Discussion created by Joe Devine on Jul 14, 2009
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I have built a hierarchal model in AF. I have an update routine that runs daily to add new elements or move existing elements to a new position within the hierarchy. The source system I’m using to add/move assets does not track changes, so I cannot distinguish between additions/changes. Therefore, before I can add any new element, I have to search to see if it exists elsewhere in the model. Currently I’m using the FindElements method in which I start my search at the top of the heirarchy and specify the element name and the element template. This search is very slow…sometimes reaching the 5 minute timeout.


Any recommendations on a faster way to find the element (if it exists)?


I'm running the AF 2.1 beta.  My model currently has about 15,000 elements...and will have close to 60,000 elements by the end of this month.