PI ACE - Arcmode property not behaving properly

Discussion created by Martin.Thivierge on Jul 15, 2009
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Hey guys,


This is my first post on this blog.


I'm having some issues with the way my PIACE points behave during a normal calculation.  Here's a short description of the problem:


1- Create a calculation that stores result in the ACE point.


I simply used the following runtime creation of PIACE point to insert my data in PI.  Work perfectly.

Dim ACEptAudit As New PIACEPoint

ACEptAudit.SetTag(myPIPoint.Server.Name, myPIPoint.Name + "_Audit", TagAliasUsedType.TagAliasAsOutput)
ACEptAudit.AdjustClockOffset = False
ACEptAudit.ArcMode = PISDK.DataMergeConstants.dmInsertDuplicates
ACEptAudit.Value(InsertDate) = CDbl(myMetric.MetricValue.Value)

ACEptAudit.SendDataToPI = True


Where InsertDate is a PITime data type.


I'm calling this procedure many time (once for every 30min interval within a day).  This create a simple series of entry in the PI server with a time stamps at 00 and 30 minutes of every hour during the day.


Where things get tricky is if I rerun this same procedure for the exact same time interval, by using the 'ACEptAudit.ArcMode = PISDK.DataMergeConstants.dmInsertDuplicates' I expect to have an audit trail to be kept on my PI data.  This mean that with PI-OLEDB, I'll end up reading the same results as before plus a new entry for each timestamp with an _index = 2 (in picomp2 table).


For some reasons, no data get written in PI and I get the following error in the message log on the PI server:


PIarcmgr::addevent failed, mode: 0 ptid: 163 recid: 130259 status: [-109] Value at This Time Already Existsevent time: 28-Jun-09 14:00:00 Value: 0.


Only the last call to this procedure seems to work OK since I have my _index =2 and 3 and 4 and so on everytime I run the calc for this entry only.




PI Server 3.4.370.76


PI ACE 2.1.12




My destination point is a type Float64 with no compression and no exception (compdev and exdev = 0).


Same behaviour is experienced with a float32.


Anybody see something I'm missing?  It's like the InsertDuplicate is only performed on the last entry in PI before the ACE application terminate.


Thanks for any help.




Martin Thivierge