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Configuring RtWebParts - start date and end date

Discussion created by Asle Frantzen Champion on Jul 15, 2009
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While this strictly could be a tech-support issue, I am more of a vCampus-guy so I'll give it a shot here, and see if anyone has a solution for me :)




We're building a shift report site for a customer, in Sharepoint (WSS3), consisting of three shifts - day shift (6am - 2pm), afternoon shift (2pm - 10pm) and night shift (10pm - 6am).


In this case, we've set a goal to only use RtWebparts to achieve this. We have 1 RtTimerange and 2 RtTables, where the timerange webpart controls the time period for 1 of the RtTables (the Shift Report Overview), and when clicking any of the datetimes in the Overview, you see different data in the second RtTable (the Shift Report Detailed Data).


But I'm struggling on the case of defining the time periods for the different shifts. They don't want to have relative datetimes (so - no use of *), but want to have the three timeperiods set. The most ideal solution would be if I was able to detect what time it is at the moment, and then set the default time periods based on that.


Yesterday I decided on making three sharepoint aspx pages with the same webpart setup, but with default date values set to (t+6h) and (t+14h) for day shift, (t+14h) and (t+22h) for afternoon shift, and (t+22h) and (t+30h) for the night shift. While this would work just fine for the people at the day / afternoon shifts, I suspect it to only be good for the night shift between 10pm and midnight. The rest of the shift would have a different reference to the "t" - making it the next day instead of the day the shift started.




Any ideas on how to achieve this datetime thing?