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AF SDK (Version - retrieve AF data changed in provided time range/ after last time I checked

Question asked by AbhayP on Nov 22, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2016 by jyi

I am using AF SDK (Version and I would like to implement following use cases:-

1. I would like to retrieve whole element hierarchy (including attribute) in particular database instance. I know there are certain methods like "AFElement.LoadElementsToDepth" but it is not solving my purpose. I want some method who can retrieve "What is changed since last time I checked" or "What is changed between time range - time range would be input parameter".

2. I want to retrieve PI points changed after last time I checked (including elements hierarchy and without hierarchy as well)


I checked datapipes but they gives changed value one at a time. I want methods to retrieve elements, attributes. event frames, points changed between specified time ranges. My end goal is to push all data in data lake.