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Average the first five hours of the day for all days

Question asked by nahdiua on Nov 24, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2016 by kduffy

Frist, I am not to PI.


I would like to write a query in PIOLEDB that will average the first five hours of the day for the tag. I did this query and it worked. however, it seems it is too expensive and if I did it for more than one tag, I get "time-out"



     cast(sub.date_only as datetime) Date, sub.tag  ,    avg(sub.value)


from (



  time,  value,tag, concat(format(day(time),'00'),'/', format(month(time),'00'), '/', format(year(time),'####')) Date_only





where (tag like 'sinusoid' )  


and time between '01/1/2015' and '1/5/2015'


and hour(time) between 1 and 5


and timestep = '1h') sub


group by sub.Date_only, sub.tag


please help