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In EFGEN is there a simple way to alter the Event Frame Structure?

Question asked by ChristianNicolaisen on Nov 24, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2016 by ChristianNicolaisen

In the Event Frame Generator I have created a structure with elements, child-elements who themselves also have child-elements (so three levels).

One problem is that i cannot seem to add a new sub element (on lvl 2) to the top of the structure, i can only add it to the end of the list. Anyone know how to alter the order in which the elements are shown? (Without having to copy the elements, paste it after the new element and then deleting the old one...)


Another thing is, I have tried exporting the EF structure to an xml file. However i am missing a tool to work with the xml file (Excel can import it but cannot export it...)

Anyone know of a good tool for working with xml files? Would prefer a free-to-use tool.