rtGraphic Web Part - Selected File Path

Discussion created by IanGore on Jul 16, 2009
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I'm developing a "scorecard" application using a number of rtGraphic webparts to display information.  To allowing user evaluation to proceed while I am developing, we have a "dev" sharepoint site and a "test" sharepoint site.  At regular intervals we backup the "dev" site and restore it to the "test" site.


To facilitate this process we don't use complete paths (eg http://<site>/<doclibrary>/file)  in the "Selected File" field of the rtGraphic web part but use the relative path (eg /doclibrary/file).  This seems to "work" OK but there seems to be a couple of "funnies" related to it.


1) The "Browse" button doesn't work properly anymore.  When I try to use it I get a "File not found" error message.


2) The web-part doesn't update correctly if I upload a new version of an SVG file to the document library. If I do this with a full path and do a <Cntrl>Refresh the webpart shows the new SVG file.  If I use the relative path and do a <Cntrl>Refresh it doesn't update.  In order to get it to update I have to go into the Modify Shared Web Part menu and hit OK (nothing else).  Not only that, I have to do that on other users PCs as well !! - just updating the page on my PC doesn't sort it out for other people looking at the same shared page.


I'm guessing that these two problems are related in some way. 


Any ideas?  I don't want to have to go back to using full paths since I'd have to edit them each time I released a new version to "test".