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About security setting(Write data into PI by excel tool)

Question asked by bruce.zhu on Nov 24, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2016 by bruce.zhu

Hi all:


case background:have a excel tool,need to write data into PI system by excel tool, "the PI point had build in the PI system, the point have no OPC deveice"

case describe:write data into PI by excel,submit , input user name and password , A dialog box appears “-2147220478 Unable to open a session on a server.[-10431] Authentication method is disabled by current policy”:

Try to solve the way:

1. Check the Client About SDK, the user name is "piadmin";

2. Check on the PI server, confirmed the client Trusts have added,and displayed "piadmin"。

3. Changed the piadmin password from PIserver, "PIserver/Security/Users", change piadmin password,the password changed sucessful, then test the excel tool on client machine,the error dialog appears again;

4. Check the PI point attribute from PIserver, "Piserver/Data/input the PI point / point attribute" check the PI point security attribute(datasecurity&pisecurity),confirmed the user "piadimin" have "Read" and "Write" function。


the error message following the picture:

error message.PNG